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What is Tracmo Station?

What is Tracmo Station?

Tracmo Station is an ultra-compact Bluetooth device that can track your items in real-time by being connected to your Wi-Fi network.

How does it work?

After you plug Tracmo Station into the power and connect it to your Wi-Fi network, the Tracmo Station will track any Bluetooth device that keeps broadcasting nearby, including your Tracmo trackers, other Bluetooth trackers, and even also your Airpods and Fitbit. Since Tracmo Station keeps being connected to your Wi-Fi network, Tracmo Station will always track your Bluetooth device and update its location in real-time. You can check your items' locations from the Tracmo app.

See the list of the Bluetooth devices that can be tracked by Tracmo Station here

What can I do with Tracmo Station?

  1. You can use a Tracmo tracker to know who's leaving or arriving at your home. For example, if you attach a Tracmo tracker to your kids' bag, whenever your kids arrive or leave home, the Tracmo Station will detect it and notify you. So, you can be assured to know that your kids arrive or leave home safely.
  2. You can use Tracmo Station to locate items outdoor and indoor, including your Bluetooth trackers, Airpods, or Fitbit.
    1. If you set Tracmo Station 1 at your home and Tracmo Station 2 at your office, from the Tracmo app you can check if you leave your wallet at home or office because from the app you can see what items are detected by Tracmo Station 1 or Tracmo Station 2. If you see that Tracmo Station 2 detects your wallet, that means you left your wallet at the office. That's how outdoor tracking works.
    2. On the other hand, if you set Tracmo Station 3 in the bedroom and then set Tracmo Station 4 in the backyard, you can also figure out where you left your car key inside your house. From the Tracmo app, if you see that Tracmo Station 4 detects your car key, that means you left your car key in the backyard. That's how indoor tracking works.
  3. You can also set a Tracmo tracker to detect motions, and then attach it to your valuables or window or door. When any movement detected by the Tracmo Station, you'll be notified. That way you be assured that your valuables are safe and no one breaks into your home.

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    • How to set up Tracmo Station

      Video Guide Step-by-step Guide First, plug in your Tracmo Station into the power outlet with a USB plug adapter, and then tap add device and then tap Station    Press the button on the Tracmo Station that is located below the blue light indicator and ...
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    • How to deactivate or release Tracmo Station

      Tap the Tracmo Station icon and then go to Setting    Tap Deactivate and then send the deactivation email    Open your email inbox and then confirm by tapping Deactivate Station link     
    • How to interpret the Tracmo Station light indicator

      Breathing light: Tracmo Station is in normal operation. Fast blinking for a while: the Tracmo Station is not connected to the Wi-Fi network, please check and re-configure the Wi-Fi connection. Solid light: the Tracmo Station is transmitting the data, ...