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What can I do with Tracmo?

Ring your stuff

After you attach Tracmo to your stuff and complete the setup, when Tracmo is connected to your phone, you can ring it from Tracmo app or ask Alexa to ring it

Ring your phone

When you can't find your phone, simply double press your Tracmo to ring your phone. Your phone will ring even if it's in silent mode. Or, you can also ask Alexa to ring your phone, but you need to enable the Find Phone feature beforehand.

Locate your stuff

When your Tracmo is not connected to your phone, you can locate its last seen location and also its location history. So, you know where to start looking for your stuff and retrace your steps with the easy-to-read location history map. Moreover, you can also locate your stuff indoor with Tracmo Station

Ask Tracmo community to help you locate your lost item

Don’t worry if you can’t find your item. Ask the Tracmo community to help you locate your lost item. After you activate the Community Search feature, when other Tracmo users pass by your lost item, you will be notified of your item's most recent location. Then, you can go there to get your lost item back.

Get notified with moving alert, in-range alert, and out-of-range alert

Tracmo can do more than just ring or locate your stuff. You can use Tracmo to alert you when any movement is detected on your bag, remind you if you leave your keys behind, or know when your luggage is coming out of the luggage conveyor belt.

Control your smart home devices automatically or manually

Tracmo is integrated with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. Simply ask Alexa to ring your stuff. Also, you can create service automation with IFTTT to automatically control your smart devices by using Tracmo as your arrival/departure sensor, motion sensor, or you can manually control your smart devices by pressing the Tracmo's button.

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