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How to use IFTTT automation with Tracmo tracker

Why use IFTTT?

IFTTT is a platform that can automate two services into one sequel of action based on your use scenario. It works with a sequence of If This Then That. For example, If [My Tracmo tracker arrives at home] Then [Turn on my LIFX smart light bulb]. This sequence is called an applet. So, when you arrive home, your light will be automatically turned on. How cool is that! The science-fiction lifestyle may no longer be science fiction after all.
There are many services available in IFTTT and you can create many sequences of combinations to automate your daily life. With Tracmo tracker, you can use it as a trigger action by pressing the button or use it as a motion sensor, arrival sensor, or departure sensor. For example, you can use Tracmo tracker as a departure sensor to turn off the air conditioner and light when you leave for work. You can use Tracmo tracker as a smart button to control your smart home devices too. The limit is your imagination!

How to setup IFTTT with Tracmo tracker

Tap Applications and then find IFTTT and tap Open

Tap Open to open the IFTTT app installed on your phone. If you haven't installed the IFTTT app yet, please install it first.

You will be directed to the IFTTT app. Sign in to your IFTTT account, and then tap Create to create a new applet. After that, tap Add

Now, we need to find the Tracmo service. Type "tracmo" on the search bar and then search. Once you find it, tap the Tracmo service and then choose the trigger action you want.
Let's try to create automation If [Tracmo is disconnectThen [Turn off the LIFX light bulbs]. As you can see below, Tracmo has 4 options of trigger action, including:
  1. Tracmo is connected: This action happens when Tracmo tracker connection status is changed from disconnected to connected. In practice, you can use this action as an arrival sensor. For example, if you leave your Tracmo tracker at home and you bring your phone with you, when you come back from work, your Tracmo tracker will be connected back to your phone.
  2. Motion detected on Tracmo: This action happens when a movement is detected on your phone. In practice, if you set the result action to turn on the lights in the living room, you can attach the Tracmo tracker to your bedroom door, and then when you open the door, the movement will be detected, and then the lights in your living room will be automatically on.
  3. Tracmo is disconnected: This action happens when Tracmo tracker connection status is changed from connected to disconnected. In practice, you can use this action as a departure sensor. For example, if you leave your Tracmo tracker at home and you bring your phone with you, when you go to work, your Tracmo tracker will be disconnected from your phone.
  4. Button click: This action happens when you press the button of your Tracmo tracker. Basically, you can use Tracmo as a smart button to control your smart devices. You can use your Tracmo tracker to change your LIFX light to a hygge scene with a press of a button.

Tap Connect to connect IFTTT and Tracmo service. After that, sign in to your Tracmo account.

After you're signed in to your Tracmo account, please tap Allow to connect Tracmo and IFTTT service. This is important so that you can integrate the Tracmo and IFTTT service.

Now, let's complete the trigger action. Choose the Tracmo device you want this applet to be applied to. And then tap Create trigger
If there is no device shown, please try to close the IFTTT app and then try to create the applet again

Now, let's try to create the action service by tapping Add

Type "lifx" and then search. Once you find the LIFX service, tap on it, and then choose the action service to be applied on your LIFX lights. Let's try Turn lights off

The following step is optional. If you haven't connected the LIFX service with IFTTT, you will be asked to sign in to your LIFX account and then Authorize the integration to connect both services.

If you have connected LIFX and IFTTT service, you can specify the detail of the result action. You can pick the light or group of lights, the color of the light, the brightness of the light, and more. Then, tap Create action and Continue

If you want to be notified when the applet is active, please switch the toggle on, and then tap Finish

Now, your applet has been successfully created. If you want to deactivate the applet, simply toggle the Connected button.

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