How to use Amazon Alexa to find my stuff? - Tracmo Help Center

How to use Amazon Alexa to find my stuff?

Setup Amazon Alexa

Open Tracmo app, tap Applications, and then open Amazon Alexa

Then, you'll be directed to open the Amazon Alexa app. If you haven't had the Amazon Alexa app on your phone, you'll be directed to download the app and then sign in to your Amazon Alexa account.

Go to More > SKILLS&GAMES on the menu and click Search on the top. Search keywords “tracmo” and you will find 1 result

Select “tracMo” and tap Enable to use, you can now sign in to your Tracmo account

After you sign in Tracmo successfully, tap Allow to link the Tracmo app and Amazon Alexa app

Using Amazon Alexa

Make sure you have completed the setup of your Amazon Echo

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