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How to share my Tracmo tracker with someone else?

You can share your Tracmo tracker with more than one person. It's really useful for shared items like keys or car.

See what the other persons can do to help you find your Tracmo tracker below.
Tracker Status
 What the tracker owner can do
What the other persons can do
The tracker is connected
Ring the tracker
Ring the tracker

See the last seen location
See the last seen location

See the location history
See the location history

Set the alerts for owner's phone & shared tracker
Set the alerts for other person's phone & shared tracker
The tracker is disconnected
Start the community search

See the last seen location
See the last seen location

See the location history
See the location history

How to share your Tracmo tracker

Choose the Tracmo tracker you want to share, and then go to Setting

Tap Sharing, enter the other person's email that he/she uses to create the Tracmo account, and then send the sharing invitation

Wait for the other person to accept the invitation

Once the invitation accepted, the Tracmo tracker owner will see the sharing icon on the shared Tracmo tracker

On the other side, the shared Tracmo tracker will appear on the other person's home page

How to stop the Tracmo tracker sharing

Both parties, either the Tracmo tracker owner and the other person can stop or remove the Tracmo tracker sharing. Here's how to do that.

Choose the shared Tracmo tracker you want to stop sharing, and then go to Tracmo tracker Setting

Tap Sharing, tap remove icon, then tap Confirm

Once it's successfully removed, the Tracmo tracker will disappear from the other person's home page, but will remain on the Tracmo tracker owner.

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