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How to set up Tracmo Station

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Step-by-step Guide

First, plug in your Tracmo Station into the power outlet with a USB plug adapter, and then tap add device and then tap Station

Press the button on the Tracmo Station that is located below the blue light indicator and then wait until the process complete

Choose your Wi-Fi network, enter your Wi-Fi password, and then tap OK

Tap the screen to pin the location of your Tracmo Station, and then tap OK

As you can see below, your Tracmo Station has been successfully added, but there is no device seen by the Tracmo Station. So, you need to add Tracmo trackers or Bluetooth devices through Universal Tracking after this.


After you successfully add Tracmo trackers or add Bluetooth devices, Tracmo Station will track those devices as shown below.

If you tap the outdoor map icon, you will see the location of the Tracmo Station.

If you tap the indoor map icon, you can see the location of your Tracmo Station indoor. But, since we haven't added any photo of the Tracmo Station, it's still empty. So, to add the photo, go to Setting and then tap Indoor Map

You can choose the image by choosing from the album, or take a photo. After you have the photo, add the red pin to your Tracmo Station, and then tap OK

If you tap the icon on the right, you will see what the Wi-Fi network your Tracmo Station is connected to and your Tracmo Station's location.

If you go to your homepage and you see the Station icon, that means your Tracmo Station has been successfully added.

You can share your Tracmo Station with your family by letting them add Tracmo Station on their Tracmo app as well.

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