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How to find my phone with Tracmo?

Your phone can act like a Tracmo tracker where you can ring it and track its location. Here are the various ways to find your phone with Tracmo.

Find phone if your phone is nearby

Make sure  your Tracmo tracker is connected  to ring your phone or make your phone beeps

If you don't have a Tracmo Station, pressing your Tracmo tracker once will make your phone beeps or vibrate if your phone is in silent mode. Double press your Tracmo tracker to ring your phone at its maximum volume, even when it's in silent mode. Or, you can also  ask Alexa to ring your phone

When you press your Tracmo tracker once, your Tracmo tracker will beep if it's not connected to your phone because it's either being connected to Tracmo Station or your Tracmo tracker is disconnected.

Track your phone

Tap add device  and then tap your phone

Customize the name and image, and then tap Save

Once your phone is added, your phone's icon will appear on the home page. Now, you can track the locations of your phone.

In a situation when you lost your phone and you want to locate its location, you can use another smartphone to log in to your Tracmo account, then you can locate your phone as long as your lost phone's Location Service is still enabled.

Ask others help to locate your phone if you've lost your phone

If you've shared your phone with another person, that person can help you locate your phone's location.

How to share your phone with someone

Tap your phone's icon, and go to Setting

Tap Sharing and then enter the other person's email and send the sharing invitation

Wait until the sharing invitation is accepted

The other person locates your phone

Once the other person accepts the sharing invitation, your phone will appear on their home page. Then, they can see its last seen location, and check the location history.

How to stop the sharing

Tap your phone's icon, and go to Setting

To stop the sharing, simply tap Remove Sharing and then Confirm

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